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Our Story

    Who are we? We are Lynda Rose and Jerry Meyer.  The idea for BackStory Woodworks is not about us.  It's about working together to reach our goals. It's about making beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand made products.  It's about being environmentally responsible by making our products from recycled, repurposed, and found materials.  It's about spending time together.

    Where are we?  We live in the country near Athens, Ohio.  Most of our materials have come from Athens and some surrounding counties.  The River Wood came from the Hocking River just upstream from the city of Athens.

    Currently we are making pens and earrings.  At some point we hope to add hand made bottle stoppers, hand made hair barrettes and hand made small boxes to our product line.


    We use shellac to finish our earrings.  Shellac is a by product from an insect and is farmed sustainably.  It is food safe for coating on candy and as a coating on children's furniture. 

    Our pens are finished with boiled linseed oil which is made from flax seeds.  We also use super glue on the pens for a very durable wear-resistant top coating.  

     For custom orders send us an email about what you want.

     Our warranty is easy: We want you to be happy with our products.  We will refund, repair or replace any product that comes apart, you are not happy with or is defective.  Customer is responsible for return costs.  The only exception is replacing ink cartridges in pens.  If your pen stops writing, you can buy a new cartridge almost anywhere office supplies are sold.  If you are unable to remove the old cartridge, Call Jerry at 740-517-4077. For more information about our products please reach out to us from our Contact Us page.

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