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BackStory Woodworks

 Unique, Hand Made Pens and Earrings, all with a BackStory 


Our hand turned pens are made from highly figured wood which we have been collecting for over 35 years from southeast Ohio. Many of our pens are one of a kind  We finish them with boiled linseed oil to enhance the grain and topcoat them with super glue for durability.  Go to The BackStory page to learn more about the materials we use to make our pens.


Our hand made wooden earrings are light and easy on the ears.  Most are made from the same materials as our pens. We make the earrings in small lots or batches, sometimes with only one to three pairs per lot.  All earrings are finished with shellac, a natural, sustainable food safe product.  Each pair is hand polished and buffed to give them a soft glowing luster. Go to The BackStory page to learn more about the materials we use to make our earrings.

Our beautiful pens and earrings are part of the story.  Our materials, like the River Wood below are the rest of the story, The BackStory


We call these logs River Wood.  They are white oak logs that were part of a dam on the Hocking River in Athens County Ohio. The dam was built in the 1830's as part of the Ohio Canal system.  These logs have been submerged under the river since the 1830's until they were removed in early 2019. When the logs were cut in the 1830's, most were approximately 200 years old, meaning they were seedlings in the 1630's.  Thanks to Stonewall Farms, the owners of the logs, we are able to make some of our products from them.  With the purchase of our River Wood items, you can own a piece of this historical wood.

To learn more about River Wood and our other materials go to The Backstory page.
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